kariwritesorig (kariwritesorig) wrote in girlsinmyhead,

The Trials (Chapter One & Two)

Title: The Trials
Author: kariwritesorig
Genres: Puzzles, Adventure, Sci-Fi, LGBT, Mystery, Humor.
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Faye Amze, Kai Amze, Jennifer Shales, Dylan Myners, Layla Tannings
Summary: When the Gods visited the world, a band of Tricksters left behind puzzles and Labyrinths, each with great treasures waiting for those brave enough - or foolish enough - to seek them out. Faye is one such fool. She had always been good at Labyrinths and Mazes, so she found the adventure fun, and an exciting way to pay the rent. But she is not the only one who seeks the treasures at the end of the puzzles, and not all the treasures are what they seem.
Author Notes: Book one in the Tricksters Puzzle Series, I suck at summaries, and yeah. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter One: Traps - Faye and her twin brother Kai tackle a labyrinth, with a less then welcoming treasure. (Words:2,076)
Chapter Two: Gate-Keeper - Faye receives a mysterious email that leads her into a dangerous predicament. (Words:4,121)
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