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[poetry] Insatiable: 2 A.M Heartbreak

Sparrow's Last Prayer

Sparrow's tiny heart
gave out, as the arrow
shot her down.

Two gentle, cupped
hands lifted her up
as the rain poured down.

You sang her sweet song
as you took her away,
so the cats wouldn't eat her.

No longer will she spiral down
on the wind's thermals;
bury her beneath the Willow

tree, that's her Mother;
her soul lives on with wings unfailing,
that carry her towards the stars.

Remember Sparrow,
in your prayers. Do her cries
still echo in your sleep?

Glass Cereal

I bite down on my heart
and the glass breaks.
Shards cut into my
mouth and scratch

down my throat, until the blood
flows. I enjoy the copper taste.
The acid in my stomach dissolves
the pieces. What would it be like to be heartless?

Don't Blame Me

You search the sky for her eyes
and find nothing but the empty moon.
The arms that once held you
are broken, and can't save you.
Living your life of destruction you
will die by your own hand.

You shall wonder friendless,
until this lesson is learned.
The Reaper is nothing
but a pitiful wretch.
Little Rabbit, there was
never a reason to fear her.

I bury our story under
the Oak tree; pain
has always been the
root of my strength.

Don't blame me for your death.
I walk away, unbound from this.
I ignore your screams as you burn alive.

Fall Tonight, Darling

I return to my tower
to chip blue paint off
the walls, leaving
white blotched with
pink roses. I set my sheets

afire to rid them of your
scent. I throw your words
into the flames, and for
good measure, my own.
The fire keeps me from freezing.

I stand by my window that you build
to see the twilight being reborn.
I lock it with the aged silver key,

and hang boughs of garlic around
my sacred space. Now, if only the
pinpricks in my neck would heal over.

I'll be able to rest
without you haunting my dreams, maybe.
Please, my darling, fall tonight.

The Siren's Funeral Lament

You called me your angel,
but you were mistaken.
I am the PhoenixRaven,

with wings of midnight blue
and sunset. I hover
above you, wings ablur,
as you drown in the ocean.

I do want to save you,
but you refuse to take my hand.
Pity twists at my heart,
until you yell in agony:
I want to eat a bullet.

Well, Honey, I didn't bring a gun
to save you from your conscience.
Oh, how I tried, but we're already dead.

No raindrops fall from these eyes,
since the ocean's salty tears
surround you. I have nothing
left to give you, but to sing your funeral lament.

You sink down deeper;
darkness tears a hole
and worms its way down.

(Twisted bitch, does my song
keep you up at night?
My voice isn't like an angel's.
It's a siren's haunting howl.)

I fall into the ocean,
and let the soothing, ice cold
waves push me towards the

shore. I'm at peace
even though the Rip tide
pulls your corpse out to sea.

I walk along the shoreline
as a nymph with legs;
the seaweed entwines with my curls.
I pick up a seashell to cast it
into the water, while my heart turns to stone.

*Cut-off link is from the song Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap.
More poetry of mine can be found here.
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