msgfreak (msgfreak) wrote in girlsinmyhead,

Cotton Candy - First Chapter - First Fic Posted! :3

Title: Cotton Candy

Author's Note: I know the title isn't very original. Actually, this is about me and my girlfriend, in an AU sort of sense. XD. I know I sound desperate but I does LOVE her. <3  ALSO, I have an overactive, dark, violent keep that open. (BTW, I'm NEW. :D)

Summary: a story of two girls falling in love and everything in between.

Genre: Drama/Humor, with that twist of romance X3.

Rated: +18 - sex; language; violence (that's overall in the fic, some of the chapters are pretty PG-13 or +15. Nothing too bad.)

Author: Sam

(where bitter things don't taste so bitter)
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