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-girls in my head-

girls in my head: f/f original fiction
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Girls In My Head- since 8/3/04

moderated by iceburn

An F/F original fiction community, because there didn't seem to be one. Slash, het, gen and other breeds of original fic also welcome, any length or genre, but if you've got a piece which focuses on or includes f/f relationships, post it here.

1] Please put all work behind cut-tags (no exceptions) and use ratings wherever necessary. So you can't sue me.

2] Constructive criticism is helpful. Flames aren't. If you suspect it's the latter, or you wouldn't want to read it about your own work, don't post it.

3] That being said, give feedback wherever possible.

4] Please put the title of your piece in the subject line- makes archiving that much easier.

5] Community pimpage permitted only when posting work- try to keep it on topic. X-posting is fine.

6] You don't have to ask to join.