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Dream Girl

Title: Dream Girl
Rated: T
Summary: Sara continues to have a repeating dream. Little does she know it's a call for help from the girl she is destined to be with. Can she save a world from evil and get the girl she wants?  



Chapter 1

The naked lady




Sara was not most popular girl in school and she wasn’t a nerd either. She was just…an outsider. A girl who watched the effects of the crazy hormonal teenagers from the sidelines wishing she could get a life. She was tall and well built from playing sports. She had light brown hair that reached just a few inches past her shoulders, she usually pulled it back to keep it out of her face.

Right now it was the last period of the day and it of course it was science. She sat in the third row three seats back, tapping her pencil on the desk nervously as she stared at the school’s head cheerleader Jessica who she had a crush on since the seventh grade. No matter how hard she tried her eyes wouldn’t move away from that luscious blonde hair. So she just gave up trying to pay attention to the theory of evolution.  

She hadn’t always been gay. Or maybe she was and she didn’t know it. Boys just never seemed to be attractive to her. They never smelled sweet, never looked clean, and they just never appeared to be drop dead gorgeous. They certainly weren’t the nice curved creamy skinned ripe teenage girls that turned Sara’s brain instantly into a one track mind with one goal, MAKE OUT WITH HER NOW!!!

It had been a few months ago when she realized that she did like girls. It was after she received a dream and…well better leave the rest to the imagination. But that certainly cleared things up. Since then she didn’t have dreams, she had one dream, just one. The dream was the same nothing changed no matter how many times she had it. It was always about a girl tied to a table in a dungeon cell weakly calling out Sara’s name for help. Every night-,

“Sara can you tell me what a homosexual is?” Ms. Smith asked. Sara jolted and brought her attention to the 5’4 woman standing at the front of the class. Rapidly everyone’s eyes fell on her and her cheeks were burning from the embarrassment of being watched. She was hoping that none of them had seen her eyeing the blonde in front of her as if she were a fruit cake and notice that she wasn’t straight like the rest of them. But what she was really trying to figure out was if the teacher had really asked her that or not.  

“Huh?” she asked. Ms. Smith’s eyes narrowed a bit upset. Now she was starting to feel like she was in trouble. Probably cause she was, if only she hadn’t gotten distracted.  

“I asked you if you could tell me what a Homo Erectus is.” The teacher repeated. She merely leaned back in her chair slouching a bit. She chewed on her lower lip trying to think. God she knew this, she studied for like seven hours, so why couldn’t she remember it when she needed it! 

“Uhhh…” Her brain was whizzing but the pressure was too much for her to take, not to mention the beautiful blonde sitting in front of her had turned around to look at her. She forgot all about the question and made an idiot out of herself and smiled.

“Don’t smile at me…freak.” The blonde whispered and turned around disgusted. Her shoulders dropped. She was never goanna be considered normal enough to go out with a girl like that was she? Why did the second she was interested in girls did the world suddenly become filled with homophobes?

“It’s a monkey.” She shrugged. Ms. Smith sighed and shook her head and asked a different student. Great if she wasn’t already a freak, she had to go and prove it to the girl she liked. She put her forehead down on the desk and banged it slightly for the rest of the period.

When the bell rang she was the last person to jump out of their seat and run out of the room screaming for joy to go enjoy the weekend. She grabbed the strap of her red backpack and placed it over her shoulder before heading down the aisle towards the door. Of course she was stopped.

“Sara can I talk to you.” Ms. Smith asked. She froze in place closing her eyes tightly before turning around and coming over to the teacher’s desk. Ms. Smith sat in her chair looking up at her not as a teacher but a friend. “What’s with you lately? You’re like zoned out and you’re my best student.”

“I know it’s just…” she trailed off. Her science teacher was her favorite because she could be more honest with Ms. Smith than her own mother. Probably because her teacher was into girls too.

“Look I know you got a thing for that Jessica girl but come on.” Ms. Smith crossed her arms and leaned back into her chair. She shrugged and dropped her backpack on the ground again. She sat down on the desk behind to speak with her teacher.  

“It’s not that…well it is but…” she took in a deep breath.  “I keep having this dream.”

“Is this the same dream as last time?” Ms. Smith asked. She had come to her teacher hoping that Ms. Smith could explain why she had it. Explaining a naughty dream like that to your science teacher could certainly win an award for how to make an awkward moment.   

“No it’s a different one.” she answered. “It’s the same every time. I get this vivid image of a really dark dungeon cell and there’s this, gorgeous girl tied to a table-,”

“Maybe it’s because your brain is just curious about-,”

“This dream isn’t about sex!” she blurted out going red after saying it. “Anyway…this girl, she keeps looking at me while I’m standing there, she’s begging for help. Every time this dream repeats the more real it feels.”

Ms. Smith gave an interested expression. “How long has this been going on?”

Sara struggled to remember. “Three months.” Her teacher’s eyes went wide with shock. Now she was starting to think maybe she should’ve kept the dream part out of this.

“Well honey I’d hate to tell you this but three months, the same dream, that’s not normal.” Ms. Smith said. “And you said it’s the same every time?” she nodded. “Hmm…I always found the whole dream lure to be interesting but it’s a whole other realm. Maybe, and this might sound crazy, this girl is real.”

“But that’s impossible.” Sara said shaking her head. “If she is real…she can’t be on Earth, it seems like she’s from…somewhere….else. Like another dimension or something.”

Ms. Smith nodded. “Or perhaps another mirroring universe.”

“Huh? English please.”

“Well there’s this theory that black holes are like tunnels short of. They take in the light of our universe and project it out the other end. It’s a crazy guess but some people think they project light into other universes that are mirroring ours. So if you some how managed to travel to the center of a black hole you may find yourself going into another universe. But of course the reality of it is, black holes’ centers are too violent to be able to be a gateway to another realm. But you never know.” Ms. Smith explained.

Sara stood there puzzled, her brain still trying to think straight after hearing this dream girl could indeed be real. It all seemed like it was something that belonged on the Sci Fi channel but her dream wasn’t normal so her explanations for it couldn’t be either. “So what do you mean?” she asked. 

“I’m just saying dreams like these don’t come around too often and you might want to start believing that this call for help is coming from somewhere.” Ms. Smith pulled on her coat and headed for the door, leaving Sara standing there.




She was walking through the woods it was mid day and everything was glowing from the sunlight surrounding the woods. A bright smile fell over her face, as she moved about the trees she could hear a song being hummed. The song wasn’t sung by  her voice but another. As she moved deeper into the forest she found herself slowly starting feeling strange, almost weak. The sky began to darken as the solar eclipse began to happen. A throbbing pain fell into her shoulder as if she was stabbed.


See fell to her knees in the darkening woods. The sky went black as the world turned red. Soon she found herself lying on a table in a dungeon like setting. She felt as if she was looking through someone else’s eyes. A man dressed black walked in he was covered in mail the color of the midnight sky. His hair was black and his face was ugly and scarred. The man looked down at her.


“Who?” he said his voice filled with rage and irritation. Before long she could feel a tearing at her back. She turned around to see wings attached to her back. Then man took a knife and began cutting away at the flesh that connected her back to the blue jelly like wings. The pain felt odd but she screamed. “Who?!” the man shouted.


Finally the dagger was dipped into a black inky looking substance. The dagger looked painful and as sharp as a razor blade, in the pummel was an emerald stone the size of a walnut. “You leave me no choice.” The man stabbed into Sara’s shoulder. The pain was excruciating and her arm felt like it had begun to freeze. The black inky liquid spread into her veins and her eyes began to close…



 “AHH!!!” she shot upward. Her heart was knocking on her chest so hard she could hear it. Sweat beaded down her forehead and her lungs sucked in as much air as she could. The stinging pain in her shoulder was slowly fading as she looked around she saw the familiar things in her room. Calming down she remembered she where she was. She was home and she was safe and not that girl lying helpless on the table.

At first glance her bedroom appeared to be normal and she was about to bring her head back to the pillow but…she couldn’t believe this…there was a bright colorless light coming from the cracks of her closet door. Okay this couldn’t be normal could it?

For a moment she sat there hesitating to move, she could feel her blood rushing through her veins and pure adrenaline was pumping her out of her weariness. Wondering if she was getting abducted or something she gradually pushed the covers to the side and moved her sock sheathed feet to the hard wood floor. Cautiously, she took uneasy steps towards the closet door watching the light closely. The light wasn’t dying out, if anything, it was getting stronger.

Raising her hand she unhurriedly broke the distance between her and the door. Her fingers met the knob. A gasp escaped her and she jerked her hand away grabbing it quickly. The knob was freezing. Taking in a deep breath, gathering what little courage she could, she would try again. Without stalling she turned the knob before her fingers turned to ice and tore the door open.  

A blast of radiant light pierced her eyes and she was forced to look the other way, her eyes screaming in pain as she did. Once her eyes had gotten used to the light she turned back slowly to find the light source. There was a silver locket lying on the floor beams of white leaping from it. She became puzzled, this locket wasn’t hers. Carefully she reached down to pick it up to analyze it further.   

The tips of her fingers touched the alien locket. The second the pads of her fingers met the cold metal, the ivory light erupted from the locket. It became so incandescent that her surroundings could no longer be seen. Like a magnetic force her fingers were glued to the locket and she couldn’t move.

A gust of wind rammed into her and it felt like she was in the center of a tornado. Everything was spinning wildly, her head felt heavy and dizzy, she started to feel nauseous. Wind howled into her ears forcing her to go deaf. She felt weightless as she noticed there was no solid ground beneath her. In those brief instances her eyes had opened she could see stars whipping by. Before she knew it she was thrown violently onto the ground.

It felt like she’d been hit by a car going sixty miles per hour. Her whole front side felt numb and bruised. Great now she felt sick, and now cold and there were leaves in her mouth. Why the fuck were leaves in her mouth?! She spat them out quickly and discovered she was lying on a filthy dirt ground with trees around her and gray daylight coming from the sky. She came onto her feet, she was still holding onto the locket which had stopped glowing.

The woody area she was standing in seemed ancient. The trees were fat and very, very tall they stretched probably a few inches higher than any Earth trees. She spotted the sky through the treetops and saw it was gray from the clouds. The smell of wet wood filled the air. Speaking of air it was frigid, it felt like winter was approaching. She folded her arms together, looking around wondering where the hell she was.

Then she gazed down at her at her palm which held the locket. This was impossible, there was no way this little thing could’ve taken her to some other planet. She chuckled shaking her head in disbelief. I was beginning to wonder if you’d made it here safely, a woman’s voice came over her mind.

“WHAT THE?!!” her eyes darted around confused but there was no one there. Behind you, young one. Sara turned around to find a wolf coming out of the trees. She jerked back, taking slow calm steps away from the animal praying that it wouldn’t attack her.

The wolf was white and black its eyes were a piercing blue as it came up to her it sat down and stared up at her. For a moment the wolf looked innocent. The wolf didn’t try to attack her but seemed like it was waiting for her to speak. Sara looked around trying to find something to defend herself with but the wolf stared at her, directly in the eyes, almost like a friendly dog. Sighing she relaxed maybe the wolf wasn’t going to attack.

Sara observed the locket again. “Okay it’s a really good time to send me back home now!” she hissed at it but nothing happened. You can’t leave now. Her eyes dashed around searching for where the woman’s voice kept coming from. Then her gaze found the wolf…no way…it wasn’t possible. “Great now I’m hearing voices.” You weren’t imaging anything Sara. She looked at the wolf before swallowing. “What are you? No, bad question. WHERE THE HELL AM I?!!”

My name is Ariel. And I am your protector. The wolf kept solid eye contact there was nothing Sara could do that the wolf wouldn’t see. Soon the face of the wolf began to transform. The black and white fur was pulled back until there was nothing but silky skin. The pointy fuzzy ears shifted into a human’s ears. The eyes remained bright blue and animal like. The wolf had changed into a woman with dark black hair that fell down her chest hiding her breasts. The woman was completely naked. Sara’s mouth fell open.  

“Great, now there’s a naked lady standing in front me.” Sara said feeling awkward. Ariel stood up straight, revealing even more of her finely curved body, forcing Sara to look down, her cheeks flushing rapidly now. “So uh…p-p-protector huh? Um…w-why exactly do I need one?”

Ariel walked over to her taking the locket from her hand and analyzed it making sure it hadn’t been damaged. Sara closed her eyes tightly trying to avoid the temptation of looking. “Because there’re loads of people who want you dead.”

“Oh…well then.” She swallowed deeply trying to stay collected. “So do you mind explaining what’s going on?”

“No time right now, we’ve already wasted enough time.”  Ariel spoke quickly. “You have to come to with me.”

Sara kept her eyes closed as she raised her head. “Could you uh go back to wolf form or whatever so that I can…um…look at you?”

“But why?” Ariel wondered. “If the prophecy is accurate then surely you have no problems looking at a naked woman.”

“HEY!” Sara snapped. “Can we keep the me liking girls thing a secret?! Not something the whole world needs to know.”

“But….they already do.” Ariel explained.

She buried her face in her hands shaking her head. “This is just perfect. How do they know?”  

“By hearing the prophecy of course!” Ariel shrugged tired of explaining. Sara gave a perplexed expression. “The prophecy saying that you’re the one destined to help end the war, bring peace, and marry Fianna.”

“Wait…WHAT?!!” she said breathing heavily now. “End a war? I can barely pass algebra class!”

“ARGH!” Ariel sighed looking up at the sky. “We don’t have time for this.” her protector snatched her wrist and dragged her along through the woods. Sara couldn’t come to reality of this and she refused to believe it. Then she started to put the pieces together.

“This wouldn’t have anything to do about that girl tied to a table would it?” Sara asked as she was pulled along. Ariel simply nodded.

“That’s who we’re going to see right now.”

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